"Rolling" Co Ltd provides services in the area of the production of spare parts for the energy industry, heating industry, heat and power plants and chemical industry. As a flexible firm, we are open to every form of cooperation within our business area and to innovative projects. Our products include:

Spare parts for coal feeders:

  • complete screw feeders (screws up to dia. 900, COLD-bent leaves!)
  • chain guide elements
  • tensioner sets
  • chain wheels with shafts
  • coal feeder chains


Parts for deslaggers OZ 2/8, OZ1-12:

  • deslagger tubs (complete)
  • chains - scraper belts
  • chain wheels with shafts
  • lock dia. 24 x 86 - mat. 23GHNMA, hardness 40-41 HRC, breaking load approx. 600 KN


Spare parts for coal mills:

  • MWK-8
  • MWK-12
  • MWK-16
  • EM-70
  • MKM-25
  • plating sets, spring sets, sliders, slider studs, NIHARD elbows, sealing, circumferential and radial tape sets, beating wheels, 65G beaters


Parts for HW crushers:

  • shell
  • upper and lower half-shells
  • toothed wheels
  • drums
  • shafts
  • moving jaws

Tube-and-chain conveyors and bucket conveyors:

  • Schrage (115-270)
  • Fulmar (80-200)



  • plain type
  • disc type
  • ring type
  • triple roller trough self-adjusting and fixed sets



  • single-wave
  • multi-wave


Tensioning and driving drums:




Mill fans:

  • WPM 85/2,3
  • WPWDs 80/1,8


Parts for electrostatic precipitators and electrode rappers:

  • bearings
  • fixed and moving caps
  • hammers
Tubings (incl. pipeline supports)


Oil coolers (production and repair)
Advertising structures